Nunna Spikes 1944-2021

Nunna Spikes – Clay’s Wife – passed away suddenly on 18 November 2021. She was a very special lady and has meant a lot to The Class of 1966.

For decades, Nunna devoted several hundred, if not a thousand or more hours of her time, in planning and executing terrific Reunion banquets and tailgate parties, as well as assisting in other areas of reunion planning.

She has devoted her time and efforts for at least 35 years and has been involved in planning 7 or 8 of our reunions.

Many Classmates have asked how The Class can recognize Nunna and show our appreciation for her many years of dedicated and loving service to our Class.

Executive Committee Recommendations

The Class Executive Committee has very recently approved the following recommendations:

  1. To make Nunna Spikes an Honorary Classmate in recognition of her decades of tireless efforts and dedication to The Class of 1966.
  2. To create a standing charitable aspect to The Class of 1966 by establishing a fund called “Nunna’s Caring Heart Fund”, with contributions to Nunna’s Fund being made to The Class and used for specific charitable purposes of Nunna’s Fund. Contributions would be tax-deductible and would fall under our 501.c.19 charter of helping Veterans and/or their Surviving Spouses.
    • Once established within our Class Charter and similar to our Class’s compassion to helping Classmates in need, a committee to operate and monitor Nunna’s Fund will be chartered for the benefit of Surviving Spouses within our Class. Courtney Spikes, Nunna and Clay’s Daughter, has agreed to be Co-Chair of this Committee with a Classmate’s Wife or Surviving Spouse as the other Co-Chair.
    • Donations to Nunna’s Caring Heart Fund can be sent to The Class Treasurer, Chuck Grutzius, at 85 Covenant Way, Bumpass, VA 23024-4617. Please make the checks out to The Class of 1966 with “Nunna’s Fund” written on the memo line.

USNA 66 Classmates are requested to vote on the motion to make Nunna Spikes an Honorary Classmate by Clicking HERE.