Thursday, 26 October, classmate RADM John Sigler presented the USNA Class 1966 Leadership Awards to ET1 (SW) Dylan Wilkins and LT Riley Brosnan on board USS GONZALEZ (DDG 66) at Naval Station, Norfolk, VA. Classmates present at the ceremony were: Tony Franzitta, Chuck Grutzius, Rob Ploeger, Hank Strickland, and Charlie Votava.

A brief summary of the award citations recognized:

ET1 Wilkins (pictured above with RADM Sigler), the Leading Petty Officer in the Combat Electronics Division, employed his broad multifaceted management experience and superior technical skills to direct the Combat System and Anti-Terrorism teams in successful completion of the numerous system readiness certifications and team performance evaluations, as well as overseeing 20,000 equipment maintenance actions during the past year.

Lieutenant Brosnan (pictured above in 2 side-by-side photos), the Damage Control Assistant and Repair Division Officer, led his division and ship’s crew through successful completion of: the Damage Control Industrial Certification; the Damage Control Material Assessment; the Light Off Assessment; Seven, no-notice Atlantic Surface Forces Fire Safety Assessments, and two, no-discrepancy NAVSEA Chapter 12 Industrial Firefighting drills.

Following the awards presentation, RADM Sigler thanked CDR Erik Reynolds and the crew for their gracious hospitality and the opportunity to recognize superior performers. In addition, he thanked CO and crew for the opportunity for our class to maintain the relationship with them and the hull number which is a memorial to the many Classmates who died in the Vietnam War. RADM Sigler closed his remarks with some points on leadership:

  1. Make note of the best demonstrations of leadership in your leaders
  2. See opportunities and be ready to accept leadership positions
  3. Employ those best leadership practices and don’t take yourself seriously while in those leadership positions

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Wednesday, 25 October, the evening before the GONZALEZ on-board ceremony, Classmates; Tony and Linda Franzitta, Tom Martin, Charlie and Peggy Pfeiffer, Rob and Joyce Ploeger, Jim and Margie Powell, Hank Strickland, and Charlie and Sharon Votava, gathered on the deck at Villa Votava welcoming John and Gail Sigler (back) to Virginia Beach. The pot luck social was a great success due to spouse’s attention to the menu.

L/R: Charlie (20th) and Peggy Pfeifer, Jim (20th) and Marjorie Powell, Joyce and Rob (23rd) Ploeger, Gail and John (6th) Sigler, Charlie (17th) and Sharon Votava.