Band of Brothers

Current Issue Classmates Are Discussing: Heart Fitness

USNA ’66 Classmates participated in a zoom on 28 November 2023. Click HERE to access the recording about fitness and its impact on mortality. The speaker (Frank Day USNA ’66) shares his personal experience with using an Apple Watch to track his fitness and how it led him to develop an algorithm to predict fitness levels. He discusses the relationship between fitness and the risk of dying, highlighting that even small improvements in fitness can have a significant impact on mortality. Frank also explains how to estimate heart fitness without going to a lab and emphasizes the importance of monitoring heart rate during sleep. The presentation concludes with a Q&A discussion on other cardiac issues and risks. Click HERE to access other WELLNESS issues the Class of 1966 is addressing.

In the Beginning…

On 27 June 1962, a select group of young men stood in Tecumseh Court and took our first Oath of Office. Our shared experiences since that day have made us lifelong Classmates and Shipmates and have given us a unique understanding of what those terms mean.

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