Relevant Resources for ’66 Classmates, Wives and Families
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Non Sibi Sed Condiscipulos
Not to himself but to his Classmates

Over the past half-century + the USNA Class of 1966 has demonstrated its willingness to support both our Classmates and the Academy with actions appropriate to the demands of the times and the ages of the greater USNA ’66 family. The success of these efforts has rested upon the shared experiences of the “family” and the trust and confidence we have placed in each other since our coming together in June 1962.

At our most recent live reunion – 55+1- the naming and the tolling of the bell for the scores of Classmates no longer part of the living network has reinforced the need to address the newer challenges confronting our Class and the Class family.

This Class Wellness initiative is not an original idea although over the decades our various Class leaders have established and supported actions that have been pointed to this objective and which we today consolidate and expand into an overall Wellness platform.


This is a work in progress that we see changing and expanding over the years as appropriate to the needs of new times. The concept is to let our Classmate family use the experiences gained over the years to help others in the family. Rather than attempting to offer solutions, the site is intended to offer sailing directions to allow each of us to find his or her own solutions.

Below are blue “buttons” that link to additional resources curated by and for Classmates and their families. For general questions regarding this Class initiative, contact Phil Bozzelli.

Overall CoordinatorPhil Bozzelli
LegalRADM Rick Grant (ret.)
Health CarePain Management
Dr. Frank Day
Dr. John Williamson
Life StyleWidowhoodDon Jackson
Assisted LivingAndre Simonpietri
VAJim Galvin