Our quarterly Class Luncheons are an important part of the comradery for The Class of 1966. All Classmates and spouses are invited to attend. As we get closer to the luncheon dates, additional information will be promulgated with the Guest Speaker and sign-up information. The luncheons are on Wednesday scheduled from 1100 to about 1400. The final Class lunch for 2024 will be:

  • Wednesday, 14 Aug @ Army Navy Country Club, Arlington, VA

Scroll down to Past Events to see information and photos from past lunches.


The Class of ’66 has an informal breakfast each Thursday at 0900. We are currently eating at “Evelyn’s” in West Annapolis, close to Gate 8. All are welcome, bring a friend.


Charlie Jones hosts our Classmates Zoom on Tuesdays at 2 PM ET. The Ladies Zoom is hosted by Ginny Jones on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 4 PM ET, and Linda (Kevin) McCook started a monthly Zoom session for the wives of our deceased classmates called “Sail on Solo” (SOS), the first Monday of each month at 4 PM ET.

Previous topics, recordings and how to participate.

All spouses, SOs and wives of deceased classmates invited.

Special monthly conversations with wives of deceased classmates.


2024 USNA Football Season Schedule: Click HERE
USNA home games will feature a Class of ’66 tailgate party at each home game. The location is on East/SE corner of the Gold side (visitors) parking lot. (MAP). The tent is well marked and visible from the stadium.


2024 Florida COMEAROUND Huge Success

The Spring 2024 Comearound: FLIP FLOP KICKBACK 23-25 April was great fun. Bob Zvacek channeled Jimmy Buffet in designing a laid-back beach rendezvous in the new Margarita Hotel on Jacksonville Beach. Click HERE for pictures and a video of Classmates singing Navy Blue & Gold.

USS GONZALEZ (DDG 66) Change of Command 28 December

On December 28th, 2023, four 66ers attended the USS GONZALEZ Change of Command Ceremony at the Norfolk Naval Station. In attendance were Charlie Pfeifer (20th), Bob Titcomb (15th), Charlie Votava (17th) and Chuck Grutzius (33rd).

During the ceremony, CDR Erik Reynolds, USN, (USNA 2005) was relieved by CDR Kate Stegner, USN. CDR Stegner previously served as the XO, and then fleeted up to CO. Interestingly, the new XO is also a woman, CDR Ashley Carline, USN (USNA 2007). Not a first for a ship to have women as both the CO and XO, but noteworthy just the same.

CDR Reynolds’ opening remarks, when acknowledging the senior officers present, included “members of the Naval Academy Class of 1966”.

Previously, at the Leadership Awards Ceremony in October, Chuck Grutzius noticed that the CO’s coffee table, which is covered by a glass top, contained numerous challenge coins for display. When asked, CDR Reynolds acknowledged that he did not have a Class of 1966 challenge coin in the table. 

Thus, at the Change of Command ceremony, Chuck presented a Class of 1966 “Another Link in The Chain” Challenge Coin to the new CO for placement in the coffee table.

The Class of 1966 will continue to play an important part in the life of USS GONZALEZ with the Leadership Awards as long as she is in commission!

Classmates Gather for Army Navy Game 2023

’66 Classmates and spouses from Maryland and Virginia gathered at John & Desi Posoli’s home to cheer on the Mids during the 9 Dec 2023 Army-Navy Game.

Good news…there’s always next year.

Click HERE for a heart-felt rendition of Navy Blue & Gold

L-R: Tom Lomachio, Jim Long, Scott Gordon, Charlie Votava, Charlie Jones, John Posoli, Robert Percival, Pete Bernier, Jack Drake, Rusty Rawson, John Jackson

2023 USS GONZALEZ Leadership Awards

Thursday, 26 October, Classmate RADM John Sigler presented the USNA Class of 1966 Leadership Awards to ET1 (SW) Dylan Wilkins and LT Riley Brosnan on board USS GONZALEZ (DDG 66) at Naval Station, Norfolk, VA. Classmates present at the ceremony were: Tony Franzitta, Chuck Grutzius, Rob Ploeger, Hank Strickland, and Charlie Votava.

For more about this important event and for photos, Click HERE.

Gaelic Memories for Class of 66

Several Classmates and their wives and family traveled to Ireland for the Navy-Notre Dame Football Game on 26 August 2023. CLICK Here for a page filled with photos of their adventures before, during and after the Midshipmen’s big game.

Class Wellness Kick-off

On 17 August 2023, there was a Class-wide Zoom meeeting to discuss the ’66 Class Wellness effort.

The Briefing described our first steps in establishing a wellness site for the Class to address various life-related issues as we cross the 55+ anniversary bar. VA benefits will be the kick-off topic. Click HERE for the Class Wellness page. Click HERE for the VA benefits page.

9 August Class Lunch

The 9 August program featured USNA Rugby Head Coach, Gavin Hickie. Some members of the 1963 inaugural USNA Rugby Team were on hand as was CAPT Frank Franky, the senior SEAL in the yard.

This program was spectacular and has its own webpage that includes photos and a video of the presentations. Click HERE for details.

10 May Class Lunch

“Standing Room Only” was the Word of the Day on May 10th at the Annapolis Yacht Club. The Class held its annual May luncheon in a meeting room that seated 26 people, and we had 26 Classmates who enjoyed the Deli Sandwich Buffet and the comradery among Classmates and friends.

Scott briefly spoke on the Class’s new initiative of developing a Classwide support program of “Helping Our Classmates Help Themselves”. Click HERE for more details on this program.

The Guest Speaker was the new 40th Head Coach for Navy football – Brian Newberry – who spoke for 30 minutes on his vision of developing a cohesive football team based upon a “team culture” that embodies the highest attributes of individual character, a “Team” concept and not a “me” concept, and “teammates” that truly love the game of football and have a love for the other members of the team!

Coach Newberry has 25 years of coaching experience, including the last four seasons as Navy’s Defensive Coordinator. His words were right on target in that his desire to produce leaders and not just players rang true to the 66ers at the luncheon. His three objectives for Navy football this season are to win the Commander-in-Chief’s trophy, Beat Army, and have a winning season to play in a Bowl game. Based upon his comments, Navy has a good shot at achieving all three of his objectives.

Classmates in attendance were Scott Redd, Tom and Betty Eubanks, Scott and Dervilla Gordon, Tom Marfiak, Kathy Percival, Phil Bozzelli, Jim Long, Roger and Kacky Carter, Don Jackson, Pete Hesser, John Posoli, John and Gail Sigler, Pete Wright, Bev Daly, Chuck Grutzius, Jim Maynard, John and Pat Scudi, Chuck and Karen Tebrich, and Ace Sarich.

2023 Spring Comearounds

Hats-off to Wayne Lynn for organizing the 11-13 April 2023 Florida ComeAround at Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island. Judging from the photos, a GREAT time was had by all. Click HERE for photos.

Simultaneous Informal West Coast Get-together

Senator Dan Coates Spoke at 8 Feb 2023 Class Lunch

(L-R) AMB Paul Wohlers USNA 74, Robert Percival, Don Jackson, Chuck Grutzius, Tom Eubanks, Senator Dan Coates, Scott Redd, Jim Maynard, Jim Long, Ace Sarich, Pete Wright, Chuck Tebrich and Rodger Carter.

Class President VADM Scott Redd opened the 8 February lunch at the Army Navy Country Club with a warm welcome to and introduction of Senator Dan Coates. Click HERE to read Scott’s introduction.

Also in attendance were spouses including Donna Redd, Karen Tebrich, Nancy Long, Jean Grutzius and Betty Eubanks; and other family members including Scott Redd, Jr. and Adam Redd.

2022 USS GONZALEZ Leadership Awards

On Wednesday, 2 November 2022, our Class President VADM Scott Redd (12) presented the annual Class ’66 USS GONZALEZ (DDG 66) award, citation, and check, for superior leadership and professionalism to Lt. (SWO) Eryn Stockdale, and BM1 (SW) John Monroe.

For a complete write-up of the events surrounding the presentation, and photos of participating USNA Class of 1966 classmates and spouses, Click HERE.

L/R: foreground; CO, CDR Reynolds; XO CDR Stegner; LT Stockdale; BM1Monroe; VADM Scott Redd. L/R: rear; Bob Titcomb, Charlie Votava, Pat Muldoon, Rob Ploeger, Chuck Grutzius, Donna Redd.

Decommissioning USS HUÉ CITY (CG 66)

After 31 years of dedicated and honorable service, USS HUÉ CITY (CG 66) was decommissioned at a pier side ceremony on Friday, 23 September 2022, in Norfolk, VA. Click HERE for more details.

USS Hué City (CG-66) at her last sunset before decommissioning

55TH (plus 1) REUNION

55th (+1) Reunion 1-4 September 2022 was a wonderful event. Click HERE for pictures.

2022 April Comearound Big Success

The spring Florida ComeAround held on the 5th and 6th of April in Bocca Raton, Fl. was a delightful & memorable experience for the 22 classmates, 13 spouses, 2 significant others, and 4 widows who attended.

The ComeAround commenced at the Hilton Hotel’s complimentary wine & bar gathering and was followed by an intimate dinner for everyone at the nearby City Fish Market restaurant. The restaurant did not disappoint. Wonderful food, great ambiance and good fellowship. The following evening was the highlight of the ComeAround. A truly memorable dinner party hosted by Keith & Karen Melton at their breathtaking home conveniently located close to the Hilton. The food was visually stunning, bountiful, and delicious. Keith was kind enough to conduct tours that were both educational and entertaining. The theme was “Hawaiian Casual” and it was carried out to the fullest. All who attended are indebted to Keith and Karen for their kindness and hospitality. – Bob Zvacek Click HERE for more photos.

2021 October Comearound

Bravo Zulu to Waye & Lynne Lynn and Mike and Elliott Smith for a fantastic Comearound in Tampa, Florida 27-29 October. Their perseverance and hard work definitely paid off as all in attendance had a fantastic time. Click HERE for more photos.

Classmates attending USNA ’66 COMEAROUND

2021 Leadership Awards

21 September 2021 USS GONZALEZ Presentation

USMC General Carl Fulford made the presentations to LT Laura A. Krause, USN, and MM1 (SW/AW) Cody A. Hauser, USN, on board USS GONZALEZ (DDG 66) at NavSta Norfolk. Click HERE for photos and a brief write-up of the event.

15 July 2021 USS HUÉ CITY Presentation

GM2 (SW) Johnny J. Hoyos, USN awarded the 2021 USS HUE CITY (CG 66) Outstanding Leadership Award.

A group of local Tidewater ’66ers welcomed Pierce Johnson and Chuck Grutzius to Norfolk for the annual awarding of the USS HUÉ CITY (CG 66) Outstanding Leadership Award for a Petty Officer to CM2 (SW) Johnny J. Hoyos, USN. For more information including pictures of the event Click HERE. A listing of all recipients of the two Class of 1966 leadership awards may be found by Clicking HERE.

For more ’66 Awards and Events in 2022-2021, Click HERE.