Class Financial Report CY2022

Posted: 9/12/2023

Our Class Treasurer, Chuck Grutzius, has submitted the Class Financial Report for CY2022. Here is a summary:

The Class ended CY2022 with Total Assets of $56,709.76. Included in the Total Assets were Nunna’s Funds of $21,719.35. 

Thus, the monies included in the Total Assets above are as follows:

Class Funds: $34,990.41
Nunna’s Funds: $21,719.35
Total Assets: $56,709.76

The Class at the end of CY2022 was in very good financial condition and continues to be in 2023. The Class of 1966 is a current and valid IRS 501.c.19 Veterans Organization in good standing, and contributions to The Class are tax deductible as permitted by IRS Regulations.

Should any Classmate have any questions about this Financial Statement, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Fraternally Yours in Service, 

Chuck Grutzius
Treasurer // Class of 1966