STAT! Time-sensitive announcements from Class Prez

Posted: 3/20/2024
  1. Live Video Event TODAY, 20 March at 1600 Eastern. “Becoming a Caregiver, What the VA Does; Hospice, Medicare, Tri-Care for Life (Shirl Rollins, Don Jackson and guest Colleen Shields from Hospice of the Chesapeake). Zoom Link:
  2. Tuesday, 9 April, Classmate (and former Navy JAG) Admiral Rick Grant will have experts discuss the LEGAL ISSUES (trusts, wills, etc.) of which we need to be aware as we prepare to end our voyage in this life.
  3. Honoring our fallen Classmates: we would like to make a strong effort to locate and invite family members of our lost Classmates to the Honor Our Fallen Heroes (HOFH) event at USNA this coming November (Saturday, 16 November 2024). As you may recall, ’66 had the most Killed in Action (KIA) of any Class since 1945. Combined with those who perished in operational events, we had a total of 36 Classmates lost. 
    • Details are reflected on the Virtual Memorial Hall. Despite the half-century that has passed, and thanks to the efforts of a few Classmates, four (4)* of those families were located and attended last year’s event – the largest of any Class.
    • The challenge is that the Alumni Association has located information on less than 1/5 of our lost Classmates. That’s not surprising given the passage of time and the fact that most if not all parents are gone. We ask that you go to the Virtual Memorial Hall website, look through the list, and see if you have any contact information that might allow the Alumni Association to reach and invite a larger group of family members.

Thanks for your attention and Blessings,
Vice Admiral Scott Redd
President US Naval Academy Class of 1966

* Lieutnant Victor Patrick Buckley, 2nd Lietenant John W. Doherty, Major Dean H. Matzko and Lieutenant Junior Grade Douglas D. Vaughan