As part of our Class participation in Another Link in the Chain events, a Class committee was tasked with designing and overseeing the production of a prototype “Honor Coin.” By Instruction, the Coin must have the words Honor, Courage, and Commitment; however, our committee felt strongly that the word Integrity should also be there. We looked at several Coins designed by other Classes but came up with a unique design for our Coin while taking some of the best features of the other Coins that we liked. One side of the coin has the Naval Academy insignia, and the other side has our Class of 1966 Crest, with the 66 replaced with a banner linking 1966 with 2016. We translated our Class motto, Non Sibi Sed Patriae so the concept would be crystal clear to anyone who saw the Coin. Every member of the Class of 2016 received his/her Honor Coin in a ceremony on August 6, 2012.

Following are comments from RADM Tom Marfiak, coordinator of ALITC events for our Class: The Class of 1966 gathered in Alumni Hall to present the Class of 2016 with Honor Coins bearing the inscription Honor, Courage, Commitment, Integrity. As we entered Alumni Hall, the plebe class was seated, but they soon rose to honor the service of those members of the Class of 1966 present, and their ladies. The Commandant got things off to a rousing start, introducing VADM Haskins, with whom he had served as a young LCDR. Then, in an address that is now available on the Class Website, and that will be long remembered by all those present, VADM Haskins provided words of guidance and inspiration. At the end of the evening, each plebe was presented his or her own coin. It was easy to tell they were impressed by the opportunity to meet face to face the members of the class, and, from the looks on their faces and their firm handshakes, that this event will become part of their precious memories of their formative time at the Naval Academy. Below is the Coin they received:

The Class of 1966 Crest was transformed for the Class of 2016 to replace the 66 with a banner linking 1966 with 2016. We translated our Class motto, Non Sibi Sed Patriae so the concept would be crystal clear to anyone who saw the Coin.

We honor the Crest of the United States Naval Academy and its three core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment. And, the Class of 1966 adds another important value: Integrity. Integrity is the result of repeatedly and regularly using Honor and Moral Courage in your daily lives until they become part of your character.

The secret to becoming the best Navy/Marine Corps Officer, the best person, and the “Best possible version of yourself” is to become that person of integrity. Your sailors and Marines will not care what your major was, or what your class standing was; they will want to know what your character is. They will want to know if you can make the hard and right decisions and whether you care as much about them as you do about yourself. They want to be led by an officer of demonstrated Integrity. It is all about Trust, Confidence, and Respect. When it is all said and done, you will be defined by your character, not by how rich you are or how high you rose in your profession…Read More

VADM Mike Haskins, 06 August 2012