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Letter to Class from President

Posted: 5/2/2023

USNA ’66 Class President, Scott Redd, updates classmates on news of the Academy and the class. Click HERE to read his April letter.

Spring 2023 Comearounds Big Success

Posted: 4/18/2023

The Class of 1966 always knows how to have a good time. Simultaneous East- and West-Coast Comearounds were filled with friends and FUN! Click HERE for more information (and to see photos!).

More details on Class lunch

Posted: 4/10/2023

Brian Newberry, Navy’s 40th head football coach, will speak at The Class of 1966 luncheon on Wednesday, 10 May at the Annapolis Yacht Club.

Please note:

  • Wednesday, 10 May @ 1130
  • Annapolis Yacht Club
  • Cost: $45.00 pp
  • Wives and Guests are Most Welcome.

Click HERE to read Coach Newberry’s bio.

New Coach to Speak at Class Lunch on 10 May

Posted: 3/3/2023

We will facilitate the values and the mission of the Naval Academy within our program.
We will make the Navy football family and all associated with the Naval Academy proud, both on and off the field!
Go Navy! Beat everyone!
-Coach Newberry

Brian Newberry, Navy’s 40th head football coach, will speak at The Class of 1966 luncheon on Wednesday, 10 May at the Annapolis Yacht Club. Classmates are encouraged to save the date for this interesting and informative presentation. (Details available soon.)

Benefits Expanded for Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange

Posted: 2/18/2023

The PACT Act is a new law that expands VA health care and benefits for Veterans exposed to burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxic substances.

The PACT Act adds to the list of health conditions that are assumed (or “presumed”) to be caused by exposure to these substances. This law helps to provide generations of Veterans—and their survivors—with the care and benefits they’ve earned and deserve.

Click HERE for the VA website that will help answer your questions about what the PACT Act means for you and your loved ones. OR CALL 1-800-698-2411.

Vietnam-Era Eligibility

Based on the PACT Act, 2 new Agent Orange presumptive conditions have been added:

  • High blood pressure (also called hypertension)
  • Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS)

You may also be eligible for disability compensation based on other Agent Orange presumptive conditions. These conditions include certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, and other illnesses.

If you think you’re eligible for VA health care and benefits, you are encouraged to apply now.

8 Feb Class Luncheon Big Success

Posted: 2/15/2023

Click HERE to read about the February luncheon featuring Senator Dan Coates and to find out when future ’66 Class Lunches are scheduled.

Carl Fulford’s Final Letter to Class

Posted: 1/30/2023
Carl wraps up some loose ends in a brief letter to the USNA Class of ’66 on 30 Jan 2023. Click HERE to access the note.

Sen. Dan Coats to Speak at 8 Feb Class Luncheon

Posted: 1/24/2023
Sen. Dan Coats, Featured Guest Speaker for 8 February

Classmates are invited to attend the February 8 luncheon at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, VA. Click HERE for details. NOTE: Mike Baird is requesting notice, if possible, by February 3.

Dates Announced for 2023 Class Luncheons

Posted: 1/20/2023
Classmates are encouraged to reserve Wednesday, 8 February and Wednesday, 9 August for the 2023 winter and summer class luncheons. Both luncheons will be at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, VA. More details on the February event will be posted soon.

Directory/Lumbar Pillow Free to Classmates!

Posted: 1/19/2023

USNA66 Classmates are invited to take advantage of a January Special. Visit the “Ships Store” for details!

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